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Public Records

Equipment Management Records John Reel
(918) 596-9815
490 W. 23rd
Real Estate or Condemnation Roger Acebo
(918) 596-9866
2317 S. Jackson, South Building, 3rd Floor
Facilities Maintenance Thomas Chandler
(918) 596-9389
City Hall, 14th Floor
All City Council records requests Patrick Boulden
(918) 596-1967
City Hall, Room 411
All Communication Dept. records requests and media requests Leah Mueller
(918) 596-7803
City Hall, 5th floor
All Customer Care records requests Lisa Mosley
(918) 576-5147
City Hall, 14th Floor
IDPs Jeannie Barton
(918) 596-2514
City Hall, 4th Floor
Permits Rachel Harders
(918) 576-5410
City Hall, 4th Floor
All Engineering Services requests Greg Mathews
(918) 596-9570
2317 S. Jackson,
Administrative correspondence and Tulsa Public Facilities Authority records Melissa Stice
(918) 596-7508
City Hall, 15th Floor
Accounting: Payroll Records Valerie Gerhart
City Hall, 15th Floor

Glenda Harkey
(918) 596-7519
City Hall, 15th Floor
Accounting: Financial Statements and Accounting Records Norman Kildow
(918) 596-7525
City Hall, 15th Floor
Budget: Operating, Grants, System Reports, Capital Planning and Sales Tax Overview Committee Records Tammy Pitts
(918) 596-7366
City Hall, 15th Floor

Carol Jones
(918) 596-7537
City Hall, 15th Floor

Jarrod Moore
(918) 576-5129
City Hall, 15th Floor

City Clerk - City Charter, ordinances and supplements, resolutions, Mayoral Executive Orders, City Code Manuals, annexations, appeals, agendas and meeting notices, Contractors Prequalification Committee Records, Firefighters Pension & Retirement Board records, Engineering & Purchasing Bid Records, Cemeteries, Elections, Contracts, Agreements, Ethics Advisory Committee, Deeds, Abstracts, Easements, Bonds, Certificates of Insurance City Clerk's Office
(918) 596-7513
City Hal, 2nd Floor
Purchasing - Bids, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, surplus Equipment, Auctions Steve Johnson
(918) 596-7550
City Hall, 15th Floor

Rich Gonter
(918) 596-7553
City Hall, 15th Floor
Treasury - Occupational Tax (taxi, massage, beer, liquor, pawn broker, bondsmen, recreation centers, etc.), license and permit applications, ordinances, Investment portfolio, franchise tax records, public ways and use tax records, lien files, return check information, financial institution selection information, delinquent accounts receivable information, TSID/DTID/WSID Assessments, Liens, & Releases Jasmine Stripling
(918) 596-7631
City Hall, 15th Floor
Utilities Services Billing Beatrice Torres
(918) 576-5124

Pamela Stout
(918) 596-1885
City Hall, 15th Floor

All TFD records requests Jennifer Buehler
(918) 596-9443
1760 Newblock
Park Drive
  All HR records requests Angela Bradley
(918) 576-5128
City Hall, 14th Floor

All IT records requests Chris Berg
(918) 576-5605
City Hall, 6th Floor
All IA Records requests Michelle Hanson
(918) 596-7844
City Hall, 6th Floor

Lydia Musick
(918) 576-5209
City Hall, 6th Floor

All Mayor's Office records requests, Appointments to Authorities, Boards & Commissions Michelle Brooks
(918) 596-7411
City Hall, 15th Floor
All TAEO records Requests Iesha Youngblood
(918) 596-1883
City Hall, 15th Floor
All MORE records Requests Lakendra Carter
(918) 576-5208
City Hall, 15th Floor
All Legal Department records requests Tammy Miller
(918) 596-7717
City Hall, 6th Floor
All Municipal Courts records requests

Email requests can be sent to
Jamie King
(918) 596-7779
600 Civic Center, Room 200A

Mark Hill
(918) 596-7766
600 Civic Center, Room 200A
All Tulsa Parks records requests Lisa Brannin
(918) 596-1097
Centennial Center

All open record requests for the Tulsa Police Department should be submitted through their online portal

City Rights of Way Gary McColpin
(918) 576-5514
City Hall, 14th Floor
Roadway Lighting Kurt Kraft
(918) 596-4286
3340 N. Delaware
Traffic Engineering & Operations Kurt Kraft
(918) 596-4286
3340 N. Delaware
Street Maintenance Tim McCorkell
(918) 596-7273
City Hall, 14th Floor
TARE Jenna Johnson
(918) 596-9448
2445 S. Jackson
All TAEMA records requests Joe Kralicek
(918) 596-9898
600 Civic Center, Basement

Main Number
(918) 596-9899
600 Civic Center, Basement
All Water and Sewer records Desiree Quarles 
(918) 596-9501
City Hall, 14th Floor
TMUA, TUB, Utility Board Lauren Mercer
(918) 596-1824
City Hall, 14th Floor
For Utility Services Billing records - See Finance Department
All WIN records requests - Neighborhood Inspection or Code Enforcement invoices, liens, or lien releases, Animal Welfare Mary Olson
(918) 596-1079
City Hall, 4th Floor