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At the City of Tulsa, we honor your Constitutional rights, such as the Freedom of Speech, Assembly, and Expression found in the First Amendment.

It is the City’s responsibility to protect your rights as you have a right to gather in public and express yourself. However, those rights are subject to reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions which balance the rights and responsibilities of everyone as well as the City’s other responsibilities to maintain public safety and other uses of public rights of way.

A special event permit is not always required to host a peaceful and lawful demonstration - but in some cases, a permit is required. There are three types of demonstrations that do not require a special event permit:

If you want to use any street or fully block any sidewalk, you will need to obtain a special event permit.

If your demonstration is a spontaneous response to a current event, and you seek to use, close, or occupy a street or fully close sidewalks, you must obtain a special event permit. You may apply at any time prior to the demonstration, but you must allow two business days for processing.

Application fees for non-exempt demonstrations may be waived by the City Council.

The City of Tulsa does not have the authority to grant access to a highway or interstate for a demonstration, and any application for a permit to do so will be denied.

By getting a special event permit, you can make sure your event is safe for everyone. It allows the Tulsa Police Department to close roads and provide security, if needed, in the area around your event. It also protects your rights and interests by ensuring there are no other conflicting events in the area of your demonstration.

Read more about the City of Tulsa’s demonstration regulations and policies.

Remember, special events are unique. A special event permit provides benefits to the citizens by creating unique venues for expression and entertainment that are generally not offered as a part of governmental services.